Samstag, 28. Juli 2012


Dear readers,

finally I`ve finished my Bachelor`s thesis. I`ve submited my thesis the past monday. (I hope I pass) Fortunately, the summer weather returned to germany just this day. We had one week full of heat and sun. I went shopping with my mom, who was there to help me throug the correctures. Chilling with friends by having a game night and a tasty menue with carrot soup, beetroot noodles and a tiramisu my mother made, was my celebration of the occasion. Now I am at my bf`s parents house at the baltic coast. It is very relaxing and fun. I was already bathing in the bay of Kiel and enjoyed cooking tasty meals with my bf. Did you know that my bf is a genius in baking?
 I will post some recipes soon. Miso-Udon-Soup, Carrot- Orange- Soup, Tiramisu with fresh fruits. Sound yummy? 

I also want to say thank you, to all my friends, my sister, my mom and my roommates for helping me throug the BA stress with correctures, distractions, leniency, listening and talking. Thank you all. With you, the work was almost fun. Anyone who like to know what my BA is about?

My hood, Wintergarten Hochhaus mit Messe M, Leipzig

My mother brought this beautiful boquet

Quick fresh-up on a hot day, Augustus Platz, Leipzig

Asia Supermarket, Leipzig

Augustus Platz, Leipzig

Kieler Förde, Bay of Kiel


aaaw, how fresh

Kiel Harbor

Waiting for the ferry

Do I like myself with glasses or not? I am not sure.

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