Sonntag, 29. Januar 2012

Let it snow

The first snow this winter. I have a little cold so I was inside yesterday. But today it was nessescary to go out. It was a very good descision, because the sun was shining and the snow was so beautiful.

After the walk, my bf and I try to bake the microwave brownies I've found on Bees Blog.
Her photos are a better than mine  so I don`t show you all of mine. I was satisfied. They tasted good. We added some extrachocolate.

Montag, 23. Januar 2012

Gender and food

Hallo dear readers,

Some of you may know from some of the older posts, that I had an internship at a social cultural assosciation and center in Leipzig.  Frauenkultur
Their main focus is on women and gender issues. From concerts over exhibitions  and promotion of female and young scientist to workshops and courses of all kind, free for interessted people from 0-99 years they have a big shedule. Furtehrmore they promote female artists, teens and girls. That means they can give you the chance to participate with a project. So they give me a chance and I was working on a mini project. They really supported me, I can use the rooms and technic of the centrum, they pressed flyers and posters and helped me to get some material. I am very thankful for that opportunity.
  This week I am giving my first own little event.  I give an introduction to the discussion about the so called ''genderfood'' issue.

I try to answer some of the following questions and  I will introduce generally into the discussion for people who didn't were really aware that the gender issue is bound very close to the food and body issues but want to know more about that.
What is genderfood? Why do scientists (from biology to social sciences) making researches about that theme? How can we explain different preferences between the sexes and specific foodtaboos related to gender? How does the construction of gender influence our behaviour and preferences when it comes to nutrition? Have our sexes really something to do with different preferences ?
How reveals, reproduces and creates the media and the advertising industry cliches of a gendered food?

So wish me luck, dear readers. Is somebody interested and will attend the event?

Donnerstag, 19. Januar 2012

When you have a great boyfriend


my boyfriend told me at the beginning of January, that I have tokeep 18.01.2012. free. I was wondering why, but he told me he planned a suprise. So yesterday the great day came and as he came up to me to bring me to the secret location I was very exited. First we went to the main station. There he lead me to different trains and I was like:''Are we going to Halle?'' '' No, I know we are going to Saalfeld, aren't we?'' ''Where do we goooooooooooooooo??????????? Aaaaaahrg.'' Useless to say, that he was very happy to troll me that way. Finally we borded the IC to Munich. And then I got it ''We are going to Jena!!!'' But what have we done there?

We visited the Zeiss-Planetarium. Its the world oldest Planetarium and it is located and still working in Jena. There is also a little nice ''golden-twentys'' like restaurant, the ''Bauersfeld''. Its namend after the constructor of the first planetarium. We attend the show about the ''dimensions'' of the universe. It was so coooooooooooool. I tried to hold the tears but I couldn't stand the amazing thougt that we are sorounded by that great big universe and to keep in mind that little voyager 2 is still out there and send us datas and I started crying. I am really interessted in astronomy and the beauty and the quantity of the universe is really fascinating. Furthermore my bf and I are really interessted in scifi things and thats something that bounds. So it was just a great idea to bring there and I am very thankful for that joyful surprise.


von der Webseite
me at the mensa, being exited

me, in the train to Halle, thinking we take that train

me, after realizing, that I `ve been trolled and we don't go to Halle

In the planetarium (very ugly photo)

Mittwoch, 11. Januar 2012

Leipzig Favourites Vleischerei in Plagwitz


a new 'Leipzig Faves' post. Last weekend my friend and I went to ''Vleischerei' in Plagwitz after a walk throug Schleußig and Plagwitz, the alternative quarters of Leipzig.  Burger, Sausages, Gyros and Curry Sausages are just a few of the menues you can get there. Althoug everything there are things you could also get at a usual bistro. The point is EVERYTHING is VEGAN. And soooooooooooooooo TASTY: Yummy.

I had a burger and M had the curry sausage with fries. The burger is soo tasty. With a lot of pickeled cucumber ( a burger without cucumber is a crime), red and white salad, onion, tomato and a tasty vegan remoulade. Yummy.

Nonnenbrücke, Karl Heine Kanal

located between Schleußig and Plagwitz

Montag, 2. Januar 2012

My holydays

Traditional girls-meeting before christmas in the chinese resturant, with jasmine tea 

going on a walk
dizzy christmas days

mushroom soup

Deer with Rotkohl and Klöße

Piggies at the Wildpark in Kunsterspring

Here comes the sun, finally

Sonntag, 1. Januar 2012

Gender issue

I found this article about gender relatet problems in an elementery school today. I share it with you, because a lot of people dosen`t think about the ralations between their behaviour and their own gender. Furthermore I know a lot of ''tolerant people'' are often shoked when a human dosen`t fit in the genderrole, society gives the sexes.  Like ''Oh, he`s a boy and he has fun at the Wellness Party we give? Thats not very manly.'' or '' Girls are so cute and nice and the boys always make trouble.''

Happy New Year

Dear Readers,
I wish you a happy new Year. The last one was awesome but it had its tragic moments. But in all this sad times I had my familly and my friends around. I am thankful and full of joy reagarding the fact that people cared about me and all the problems were solved this year.  I am graceful for all the awesome moments in 20011. Starting a blog, seeing good friends, K. moved to Leipzig, I got in contact with new people, having nice flatmates and a cosy flat, my family, the WGT, new music, the opera etc.. 

So I am looking forward to 2012. Maybe I make some travels (Finland and France), a good friend will marry a very good guy, I will graduate and maybe have to face new challenges regarding my further lifestyle. I am looking forward to spending time with all this awesome people I was allowed to spent time with, last year. 

What are you going to do in 2012? Have you planned to reach a special goal? Are there things you want to happen in the new year?