Donnerstag, 31. Januar 2013

Hallo again

Dear readers,

I know I am a very unreliable bloggeuse. I am sorry, I didn`t updated the last two month. But there is a cause for that. Honestly.
Firstly it took some time to get used to my new form of courses and of studying in general. Secondly my camera broke and I didn`t manage it yet to get a new one. Thirdly I was involved in organizing shows for my theater group.
So whats new?

As I mentioned before I am in a theater group. We try to make our way throug the forms of improvised theater and we are called ''Uschis Erben''.
Our next shows:

Battle mit 4 Volt 03.02.2013 im Spinnwerk Beginn 20 Uhr

Improshow in der Rumpelkammer am 22.02.2013, Beginn 20 Uhr

Improshow im Plan b am 02.03.2013, Beginn 20 Uhr

Improshow im 4 rooms am 24.03.2013, Beginn 20 Uhr

Battle mit All- Inclusive 21.04.2013 im Spinnwerk Beginn 20 Uhr

Mai 2013: Premiere im Spinnwerk der "UschisErben" mit
     "Spritztour eines Helden - Ich packe meinen Koffer..."

- auch dieses Jahr sind wir bei der EuroVision und dem
  Improvisationsmarathon dabei, Termine folgen.

Die UschisErben spielen für alle die Ihnen eine Bühne geben,
besucht uns auf Facebook und bucht uns.

The second big thing which happend is that I applied for an exchange year in the exchange program of my institute. I applied to study in Tallin, the capital of Estonia, from this autumn. Today is the deadline for the applications and I think I will know more within the next weeks. I really hope I get in the program.

I promise I will post more in the next weeks and maybe I will find a solution for my camera problem soon.
So long lovely readers, I hope you`ve had a good time too the last month???