Dienstag, 27. März 2012

How to eat and cook an Artichok

I am afraid, some of you may be bored because of the endless Lyon posts, but I stay at the countryside at the moment. I am sure you are not very interessted in pics of cats, goats, horses and dogs, aren`t you? ;P.
So I rather give you a recipe for a typical french food. Artichok with eggs and vinaigrette.

tasty meal

 The artichok: Cook the whole fruit  half coverd with water until you can easily remove the lower leaves. Usually it takes 15 min to cook them.  You can eat the single leaves. Just bite the white and soft part of the leave. You can add eggs.
Cook the eggs for 3,5 min.
The vinaigrette: 2 -3 spoons of creme fraiche, 1-2 spoons olive-oil, 1 spoon mustard, 1 spoon honey, a pitch of salt - if you like you can ad a teaspoon aceto balsamico
The vinaigrette for the eggs: 1 teaspoon olive oil, 1- 2 teaspoon lemonjuice (of a fresh lemon), pepper & salt a pitch of sugar

Baguette suits the whole meal very well.

Bon Appetit my friends

Sonntag, 25. März 2012

Street Art in Croix Rousse

Croix Russe is a Departement of Lyon. This is the former silk-weaving department, where the manufactures and the flats for the workers were located. Now, you can find the young, the creatives and the alternatives there.
There are also two pathes through the departement. The path of the rose and the lion-path. My friend and me, followed the lion throug the "Traboules".

Do you find the sheep?

Montag, 19. März 2012


As you know I was in Lyon to see a good friend. It was the perfect vacation. It was warm (almost 23°) and sunny, we had good food, long conversation, partytime and a lot of relaxing. We also had a shopping day. We went to a second hand market and I found the perfect blazer for me and jewellery and a skirt. The incom is spend to organisations who help homless people. In another shop I found a lovely silk neckerchief and we bought little headpieces shaped like crabbes (super kawaii). If you want to see my shopping haul let me know.
 In this post I will show you just some impressions about my vacation.
I really loved it there, especially the food. One day we went to a traditional restaurant lyonnaise, they are called "bouchon". We had one of the most tasty menues I had for a long time. Fois Gras-lentil pastry with salad, mashed potatoes with deer and vegetables and cherry tarte and tarte au chocolat. Furthermore you get a bottle of wine and an espresso.
I also liked all the little backery things, like maccarones (<3), croissant, brioche, eclair ect.

So what where your best holidays ever? What is important for you when youhave vacations?

Donnerstag, 8. März 2012

As every one else

I`d like to share this. That is something very important for me. Since I read a book about a female child soldier three years ago I this topic is something which I am interessted in a long time. Usually I don`t belive in all these ''global village'', ''internet revolution'' theories. But this is something new. It goes new traces.

Who from my Leipzig mates will join the action at twentieth april?????

Montag, 5. März 2012

From me for me

After all this stress and self isolation because of the homework I had to treat myself nice. I was at a drogerie to search a red lipstick on nature ingridient base. My most favourite lipstick is from the nature cosmetic firm ''Isadora'' and my mineral powder too. I like that they don`t use mineral oil and that the products are good for allergic or sensitiv skin. My first Isadora lipstick is more glamy and with ''chrystal gloss'' and in a very natural color. I was in the search for a more dramatic one, a red and matt one. But I wasn`t sure about the nuance. The friendly counter lady helped me to find a friendly strawberry red lipstick which suits my skintone. It is from Isadora. Its the ''Perfect Moisture Lipstick in 148/ Red Rush'' The color is very long lasting, even while drinking and it moisture the lips. Perfect in the winter and spring time when room radiation drys you out. Generally I like the Isadora products a lot. They feel good and are very long lasting.
Today I was shopping some bathroom stuff as I found another nature cosmetic lipcolor. Its from ''alverde'' a nature cosmetic firm and its a more dark red. Its the color ''Vintage Red''. I like the color a lot. It`s pure drama and suits my skin color very well. I already have a baked blush from ''alverde'', which I really like to use, too.

Isadora ''Red Rush''

alverde ''Vintage Red''

Sonntag, 4. März 2012



As some of you may know I am still busy with my homewerk unless I am already finished two of three texts. I think the third one will be ready for graduation in the next three days. And then: VACATIONS. YAAI.

I will going to Lyon where my friend is studying. I am very exited and looking forward to get to know this place and to meet my friend.
Aus Wikipedia

After that I will visit my parents and help at the farm.
I think in the next two or three weeks I won`t update the blog. But I am looking forward to show you the pictures and share my expiriences with you when I am back. As a new and relaxed girl.
So how are your semester-vacations until now? Did you explored new spaces? Are you stucked with work? Preparing for the next semester?