Donnerstag, 12. Juli 2012

Long time no see

Dear readers,

I am busy working on my BA graduation paper. So, I`d like to say sorry for the rare updates. Of course, I am sitting inside and working, writing and reading but I also try to grasp some pieces of summer as well. So how is summer in Leipzig: the summer is always very, warm and long but also very humid scince this city is located between two rivers, three lakes and a canal. Humid air and a lot of rain as well. But nevermind, we have also 3 lakes! That means bike tours throug parks and fields alongside the river till you reach the place of desire (beach). That is summer for me and I am glad I can have that all in this city, alongside open air concerts, summer theater and flea markets. In addition, Leipzig provides you the following awesome summer things: warm nights in beer garden,  park and barbecue, and chilling in the park feeding Squirells, you find always something is happen and you can always find a place to go with your friends and family.
The most important aspect of summer in general is that I can wear DRESSES AND SANDALS. Gosh, a summer without naked legs and  bare feets is a waste of my time. ;)
So, here are some glimpses of my rare summer grasps:

Near Thomaskirche

Reudnitz by night

Kaffee Schwarz

Super yummy brunch in Kaffee Schwarz

Heart of Summer/ Cospudener See

They look like they have little monster eyes

My favourite summer dresses (but I have more) Seems like I love see throug fabrics.

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