Sonntag, 18. November 2012

Two cakes

One, two, three Birthday buiscuit

The dough:

3 eggs
60 g sugar
90 g flour (or 70 g flour & 20 g cocoa powder)
1 tsp. baking soda

Stir together and bake by 250°C

The decoration

Because I did the version with the cocoa and the cake was therefor very chocolaty I decided to put some cherrys and vanilla creme on the cake. Make sure you have enough time for the creme to set. I did the whole cake the evening before I planned to serve it. 1 hour before I served it I sprinkeld some cocoa powder and sugar sprinkels all over it to make it look playful and ready for the birthday party.

The Beet Cake

I know ''BEET CAKE''???????? But trust me its super duper tasty and so easy to make. I found the recipe on vimeo. A very beautiful video.

Beet Cake

The dough:

2 cups beet (shredded and precooked)
2 cups flour
1 1/2 cups brown sugar
3/4 semi sweet chocolate bar (melted)
1/4 tesp. salt
2 tsp. baking soda
1 tsp. vanilla
1 cup butter
3 eggs

Stir together and bake by 375° ( I baked on 220° C and it was pretty well, because I think the video is reffering to Farenheit)

The Frosting:

I did a frosting thoug it isn`t mentioned in the video.

3 sp. pickeld beet water 
2 sp. butter
2 sp. sugar
3 sp. cream cheese

melt the butter and stir very well with the other inridients until it is a well set almost firm and pinkish cream. Do the frosting. Add sprinkels if you like.

Enjoy your meal

Yummy, yummy

Long time, no see

I haven`t blogged for a while because the courses have started and I am very motivated this semester. Therefor I am working a lot. But now I have some news for you. I attended a theater group, ''Uschis Erben''. We are trying to participate in ''Impro''. It`s alot of fun and the other group members are very funny, friendly and creative. It`s a total win. Maybe we will perform in public next spring.
Next thing exiting is that I will start to work in december. Its only the december but Iam very exited.

Some of you may know, that I am almost broke, since I had problems to apply for my study credits. Therefore I was searching a job since August to bridge the time until I get the credit. I didn`t find a job. So I haven`t done  alot of  things like  going out or testing restaurants.
But I baked some cakes and I tested a new buffet in october. I will post hte recipies for the tasty cakes soon.

But first I will give you a short review to: Mongolian Buffet (wich opend in october in my neighbourhood)

The name says all: it is a pure buffet with a lot of mongolian and asian specialyties. You have a great range of main dishes and trimmings, a salat buffet a sushi buffet and a dessert buffet. In addition they offer  raw vegetables, mushrooms and meat (pork, chicken, kangaroo, different kinds of fish and red meat). When you have decided what you want, the raw ingridients will be shimmerd live on a mongolian barbecue. That is very tasty. Very, very, tasty and very fresh.
You have to pay one price for the whole evening and you can eat what and how much you want.
I also appriceated the beautiful decoration and the light concept but have a look on yourself:

 Isn`t that cute and pretty??????

Dienstag, 23. Oktober 2012


At the weekend I also had a lovely picnic at the high tower of the old fabric near me. The weather was just beautiful and warm, we had tea, cookies, sandwiches and that f***ing good blueberrycake my roommate made. Soooooo tasty.

The following pics took my friend Eike.

We went to a masquerade

Montag, 22. Oktober 2012

Stadtspaziergang mit Parkbogen Ost/ City Walk with Parkbogen Ost


this weekend I went to a city walk which was organised by the projekt Parkbogen Ost. The organisation has a vison how the east of Leipzig could be planned and renewed the next years. As you already should know from my blog, the east of Leipzig has a lot of parks and fallows. Parkbogen Ost suggests a plan which is meant to create a more pedestrian- and bike- friendly urban space. The plan is to provide an uninterrupted tour throug the east of Leipzig while connecting the parks in the citys east.

They also make city walks throug some of the stations in the east to show the citizens where and how the Parkbogen could be build. Saturday, they guided us throug a fallow space behind the main station, where a big american investor plans to build flathouses a school and to provide a bit public space. There, we also could visit parts of the construction side of City tunnel Leipzig. (english version)  In the past that space was possesion of the Deutsche Bahn, as the reforms of the german public financial sector kicked in they had to sell it to private investors or reinvest and reuse the fallow. The DB decided to sell it. The Parkbogen Ost is interested in reorganise that urban noland to a public space because it is one of the rare places in the innercity where people could have access to the riverside of the recently saved river Parthe . (english version) 

The pretty back of our beloved head station (exept the terrible cars, bah cars)

relicts of former efforts to make that noland to a public space

Industrieromantik im Herbst

Construction side city tunnel Leipzig

My accompainions were the men in black. LOL

Beautiful rotten house at the riverside

The dancing dead. That was officially applied by an artist as part of a festival.

We had to ''jump'' over the Parthe

Sonntag, 14. Oktober 2012

I know, I know

Dear readers,

I haven`t blogged for  a while. Because nothing really exiting is happening in the moment (which is a good thing for me, who gone throug a lot of stress this summer). As some of you may know I have submitted my bachelor thesis and I passed (first academic degree, jai). I also got the chance to make my master. The only thing is, I changed the subject. To be a masterstudent has a lot of advantages. My courses starting a week later than the courses of the bachelors, to choose the courses was sooooo easy and we are just a few students. So I had a lot of time to chill and search jobs the last weeks. Nevertheless I DID somethings but only boring things like strolling around and visiting parks and a flea market. But wait... I did something interessting. I visited the new exhibition in the Leipzig Art museeum. It shows famous pieces of pop art and photos of stars from the 50`s till the 90`s. I didn`t have photos because it wasn`t allowed to shoot some. The exhibition is called ''Leben mit Pop'' and ''A Star is born''.

Flea market Karl -Heine- Straße

Policeman NOT doing his job. ;) He was very into shopping at this shelter.

In the garden

Tasty salad with tomatos from the garden of my parents, they were so sweet and tasty

Pumpkin pizza

After she tried some of the rotten (bit alcoholic) fallen apples, tihi

Collecting apples at the beginning of autum is awesome


Me in the T shirt, my sister gave me as a present and in the cool warm old jacket from my good friend, this isn`t my beer bottle

Streetart in Leipzig