Donnerstag, 20. September 2012

My favorite place

Dear readers,

again some pics from the Duft und Tastgarten and Apothekergarten. I just love to go there in every season. Everytime something new to see.

First fall outfit this year

Sweater is an old from my mom

Detail of my new socks from ''SockenMax''

Do you find me, sniffing the flowers?

Montag, 17. September 2012

Random east of Leipzig post

Lene Voigt Park

Lene Voigt Park

How the people live

Aren`t the different postboxes funny??


Whos that man? Lene Voigt Park

Mittwoch, 12. September 2012

Lost Places Leipzig

We returned to our hidden castle in the east for a sunny weekend adventure. This time we decided to go all the way upstairs and it was just f***ing amazing. We reached a kind of a platform and enjoyed a beautiful view and some happy moments in the sun. We even found a geocash hideout. And again, we heard someone in the building but never saw it/him/her.


Montag, 10. September 2012

Roaring Twenties in TK Club Leipzig


at the weekend my roomate, her friend an I were partying at an Electro Swing Night. The party was given by TK Club, a new little club near the main station. Its in the souterrain of an old 19. century building and in the past there was a tresor. Today you can still see the fat security doors and the little boxes where costumers put their treasures in the past times. For a twenties themed, electro swing party it created a suitable atmosphere. Furthermore they served typical twenties drinks and at the beginning they offered an introduction in dancing the swing and a dressing contest. So a lot of people there, were styled and were looking very fancy and glamourous. <3 Of course we had to attend the contest too, by dressing twenties inspired.(I hope we win, because they give tickets for a burlesque show) That was funny, too. Meeting up with the girls, grabbing everything glittery and flapper like we could find in our wardrobes, making ourselves fancy hair styles and very, very sexy makeup was the best part of the evening.
Enjoy our electro swing Alter Egos:

The treasure boxes

Tresor room

Sorry for the bad quality of the pics we took inside the club.

I hate that my hair is such a mess at these pictures.

The security doors of the tresor rooms, they were a bit creepy, because you know, what if someone just close them?