Samstag, 28. Juli 2012

Textil Kontor in Leipzig

In this post  I want to write about a fashion shop in Leipzig, which convinced me totally. This shop is called Textil Kontor and you find it near the city campus and beneath the 'Städtisches Kaufhaus' in Kupfergasse. Its an outlet. They ALWAYS display very, feminine, playful and romantic clothes in the window. In April I discoverd the perfect pair of trousers. It was made of couched, off white cotton. It was the perfect mori girl and yet adult pair of trousers for the summer, I`ve ever seen. I said myself, that I will give them to me as a present to myself when I submited my BA thesis. As I finished my BA thesis I was afraid, that the trousers could be out of stock but they were there, waiting for me. As I said to the women, who own the shop, that I submited my BA thesis, she gave me a 'Bachelorette price reduction'. AWESOME!
The trousers are a dream. Perfect for hot days. The ankles are uncoverd, which remains the feet fresh, but the thights are coverd, since I dont like these super short hotpants. The cotton is very light and pleasant to the skin. Soooo good buy. The shop provides alot of beautiful dresses, too. It is not very cheap but if you want something special and exclusive, you can find good deals there rather than in a regular designers boutique. I can recommend this shop and I think I will go there a second time, when I need a dress or skirt for a festive occasion or a job interview.


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