Dienstag, 29. Mai 2012

Wave & Gotik Treffen

Hello dear readers,

Three Graces

Today I want to share my love with one of the coolest events in Leipzig, the WGT. I bet you`ve heard of the WGT. It is a festival for the dark scene since 21 years. The last 2 years I was part of it and it is a lot of fun. This year I couldn't afford the ticket but I longing to go again next year. But even if you haven't a ticket, when you life in Leipzig you are automatically a part of it, because the city is full of darkness. ;) A lot of goth, cyber goth, gothic lolitas, wavers (YAY, I just love New Wave and Dark Wave <3), batcavers, EBM & Industrial people (yay, my favourite musics beneath wave in the dark scene), dark metal fans, medival nerds, fetish people and a lot more of fans of subgenres of the goth scene are comming to Leipzig from all over the world (Japan, South America, North America, Europe, Australia) to celebrate a luxury, dark, hypnotic and scary pentecost. You can find concerts of stars of the dark scene also as of new comers, partys,  exhibitions, lectures, movies and performances related to all possible genres of goth in different locations all over Leipzig. Everything and everyone seem to be a littlebit insane and darker and the air is full of the heavy perfume of patchuly. I LOVE IT.
One of the best parts of the WGT are the beautiful and extraordinary stylings of the guests. I have choosen some of my favourite outfits this year and did some experiments with effects. Enjoy the dark side.

I love her hair and the headpiece

Isn`t she gorgeous?

I tried a lot of effects on this one. What do you think?

A goth loli outfit on my dear friend J.

And here you go with some of the most unintentional funny mag I 've seen until now. A mag about meat, for men with taste......LOL

Hmmmm, meat loafs

Sonntag, 27. Mai 2012

These Days

Dear R. and C.,
 I want to thank you two, for the possibility to be at your beautiful dream-wedding. It was one of the most awesome partys ever. Thank you. I whish you the best for your marriage and a long and trustful relationship, the courage to fix problems up instead of running away and a healthy life. Love Nora

Montag, 21. Mai 2012

Crazy SpringI

Dear readers,

I didn`t post for a while because I was in Berlin and at the countryside for a few days. One of my oldest friends will marry on friday and last week we celebrated the bachelorette party and a ''Polterabend''. It was fun and I am looking forward to friday. I have a pretty dress and we will celebrate a beautiful and strong love.
 Here are some photos from the countryside and the partys.

Bachelorette Bufette

Bildunterschrift hinzufügen

Me in the selfmade t-shirt, I made for the party

strawberry fields


Having fun at a party

Do not ask what we did there...

This cutie, gave me a wink.

Goat babys, aaaaaaaaaaawwww

Mittwoch, 9. Mai 2012


My super-hyper-tasty dinner,

fry slices of zuccini in olive-oil with diced onion until they are a slightly brown and mix them with sweet corn and fresh tomato. Feta Cheese, creme cheese or quark fitting perfectly.

Selfmade- time

I made a brooch wich is also a barrett. Last year I got a gorgeous felt bloom as a gift decoration. Now, I`ve finally made something out of it.

just glue the brooch pin and the barett base on a piece you really like to have as an asscecoire.