Sonntag, 14. Juli 2013

World Skills Leipzig 2013

Almost two weeks ago I was at a very important event in Leipzig. The World Skills 2013. What was important about them? What  IS World Skills???? I hear you asking.

The World Skills are like the olympics for the professions (especially crafts). The best trainees from 56 countrys have to compete in 46 skills/professions within a week. The World Skills, are held every two years in one of the 56 countrys. In addition there are a lot of other events like partys, career guidance for those who seek to choose a profession and a lot of "try it yourself" things. The whole event is a huge opportunity for firms, trainees and countrys to network and show the newest and best techniques and skills and it helps to give the certain crafts and profession a reputation. I went to the event as "just" a visitor but I had so much fun and it was very interesting to meet skilled people from all over the world and get to know some new professions or to fell in love again with some old crafts I loved as a teeny.