Sonntag, 27. November 2011

Advent, Advent

A warm and delightful welcome.

I hope you enjoy christmas season as much as I do. Baking cookies, enlight candels and decorate the rooms with selfmade stars, bows and a lot of glitter.

What do you enjoy the most in christmas season?

 The making of: Vanillekipferl (german cookies with vanillery taste and almonds, sooooooooo yummy)

 Thats how they looked after they were baked. A lot of powderd suger.
 In the oven.

My glammy, glitter 'Adventskranz'. (1. Advent you enlight 1 candle, 2. Advent you  enlight 2 candles, 3. Advent 3 candles and then on christmas you have 4 lights which glow in your nights)

Mittwoch, 23. November 2011


Because I can`t adopt a cat (I don't live in Kuala Lumpur)  I hope you know how to help in this case. The bloggeuse of Vanillery Garden have posted this:

Samstag, 19. November 2011

Tango Argentino


Thursday my friend K. and I went to our first Tango Argentio training. It was so cool. Dancing is fun and dancing Tango is pure joy. Just look at these pictures. The elegance and the melancholia of this dance is just loveable. I hope after the training, I am able to attend a Milonga. The Milonga is a regular occasion. Dancers, pro`s and beginners, come together to enjoy the beauty and joy of Tango. The women and men have to dress up of course. Dancing shoes, flirty and fancy dresses and elegant but still legerè suits are the dresscode.
The couples almost 'float' over the floor and are charmend by the music and focused on the movements of one another.

Donnerstag, 17. November 2011

Weimar and two new roommates


Yesterday was a holyday in Saxonia. My beloved M. and me went to Weimar the so called 'Wiege der deutschen Klassik'  (cradle of german classic) because a lot of the most popular german poets,writers, componists and musicians, artists and painters in the period of time 1738-1832 where spending some time here. Artists like Goethe, Schiller, Tischbein, Bach, Wagner and List spend a lot of their life time here.
Furthermore Weimar is an Unesco heritage and after the period of classic many popular artists went there. Weimar is also one of the towns the Bauhaus established a school.

 At this  'beautiful' trainstation we had to change the trains.
 Outfit details.
 Rings: Iam and

blue: vintage
babyblue and dark blue: Promod
Silver: from Praha
with ornaments: vintage from the flea market
nailpolish: Artdeco
 In the City Museum of Weimar. A special exhibition about the 'Schützen mit Armbrust'.

 The complete original intererieur  of the atelier of graphic artist Alexander Olbricht
 I have to say that my focus was on the interieurs and historic clothes, which are regulary exhibit in this museum. This 'Röhrenofen'(think it was brougth from the french) is a typical oven for this region of Germany in that time. In contrast to the ovens, which were popular in the prussian regions and the nothern regions of that time. There, 'Kachelöfen' were popular. The dutch Aristocrats (Oranier) brought them to Prussia.
 Here we have a beautiful and appropriate golden dress, which every Jane Austen fan  may dreams to wear.
 This is a typical prom dress inspired by the french fashion at this time. Very romantic and delicate.

 I`d like to have a tea party here. ;-)

 Some fashion for young women from the so called Biedermeier period.
 And a Biedermeier prom dress and a jacket.
 Fashion from the edge to a new time -> the roaring twenties aren`t far from here

I love the blue material and the very decent hat

 From the design school of Weimar. You can see the Art noveau tooked place in Germany too.

 Excavation of a cementary.
 It was sooooooooooooooo f**g cold in Weimar I had to buy a warm cap. In a sweet little botique I found this new roomate. Lilly, the racoon-looking-cap
 For my lovely C. -> a penguin!

My new roomate Nr. two: Wilhelmina the ficus.

Dienstag, 15. November 2011


November has tied me to an old dead tree. Get word to April                                
to rescue me. November's cold chain made of wet boots and rain and shiny black ravens on chimney smoke lanes. November seems odd you're my firing squad November
Tom Waits

So finally, November has reached Leipzig. Its cold, foggy and grey.

Plus, I am sick again. Enough reasons to make it warm and cosy inside or to decorate the room.

So I drank a delicious tea (I used my new favourite cup) did some paperwork and doing some research according to my plans to buy an indoor plant. Which plants do you favour? Do you have any tips? Please no Aloe Vera or Cactus...
 So the new look of my desk. I found it necessary to bring more colour in my home since November became such an foggy and grey month.
 Close up
 Close up

The new cup. Cute owl  and lovely polkadots. <3

Montag, 14. November 2011

It`s just a torture

I`ve made an official promise. I`ve decided two weeks ago not to buy new clothes until January.
 I haven't thougt its soooo hard, all this beautiful jumpers, blouses and skirts, which hit the stores right now.
But I hope, in a few days I can appreciate the current state of my wardrobe.

Sonntag, 13. November 2011

The Forestgirls journey

Dear readers,

this weekend I was back home in Brandenburg and Berlin. It was just gorgeous. My parents are magicians in the kitchen and I've missed them and their farm.
 The horses
 The  willow a family symbol

 The cutest little cat ever.
 Don`t let this dog fool you. She looks cute (and with the family members, she is) but is dangerous for anybody who wants to harm us.

After we met my wonderful parents we went to Berlin to visit my wonderful friends and attend a very cosy and funny houseparty. Thank you, R. and C. It was a pleasure.