Donnerstag, 28. November 2013

A new space arises in this world

The last weekend I was in Vilnijus. I went there with some friends by car. That was fun! Nine hours in Baltic Dark Nights with completly unlit interstates! But seriously it was fun and renting a car was much cheaper than taking the bus. It is a beautiful place with it's cute tiny bridges, incredibly pretty city with a lot of squares and churches. People are the most friendly I' ve met so far in the Balticum and also the most hip and attractive ones!!!!! Lithuanians are sooo pretty! We stayed in Uzupio which is an artists enclave and has even its own constitution. Google it! Viva Respublikas Uzupio!!!!

Unfortunatly it was very dark and rainy so I didn't took much photos!
Here are the few, which aren't total crap.

Dienstag, 12. November 2013


This is a random post about some things I have done the last weeks. I am very busy at the moment with university but still manage to do soem fun stuff. I went to the puppet theater museum last week and and yesterday I had some fun at a carnival party, since the fifth season started yesterday. I also was at a fair for estonian crafts and arts and food. I will write about that in the next post.

The NuKu boy!

Sonntag, 13. Oktober 2013

Tallinn, Tallinn, Tallinn ja minu isa!

So last week my father visited me and it was a fun and chilling time. We went to the doll- theater-museum at Nunnestreet, to the Openair museum and had a look around the city. The Doll museum is really interesting and beautiful. It`s called "Nuku" and you should definetley look around when you are in Tallinn. We also visited Kadriorg Park, in all its autumn glory and a horse race! That was very small and it was far away from fancy but it was fun.


Donnerstag, 26. September 2013

Trip to Pärnu, Viljandi and the wild nature in between

At the weekend I had the oppurtunity to participate in a trip to South Estonia organized by the International Club of the University, which was very cool. On the first day we made some stops in the nature. We stopped at a waterfall and then went to Pärnu which is the summercapital of Estonia, whith one of hte biggest and widest sandbeaches in Estonia and some mudbathes and a long tradition of being a Baltic Bath. The next day we visited the naturepark with sandunes and swamps wich was very cool, because it was big and empty and silent and the weather was so good. Afterwards we went to see a tiny, haunted cave and the smallest town of Estonia. There we observed a huge ruin and more of idyllic autumn landscape. We took quartier a the beaver farm. The stay there was the highlight of the trip. Everything there was just beautiful, cosy and romantic and the food was sooo good! We were the onlyones there and so we decided to heat the smoke sauna and splash into the ice cold deep black pond afterwards. AWESOME! The next day we visited Viljandi, which is the place were one of the biggest folk music festivals is held and you can also find a beautiful museum for naive art or art bruit there. Its namend after Paul Kondas a popular estonian naive art painter who lived in Viljandi. Some of his works are also exhibited there.
All in all it was a great weekend!

The tallest trees in Estonia

The swamp

Pärnu beach

Beaver farm

The Sauna pond


Those are paintings of a finnish naive artist

Paul Kondas' Snowflake

View over the Viljandi lakeside