Sonntag, 1. Januar 2012

Happy New Year

Dear Readers,
I wish you a happy new Year. The last one was awesome but it had its tragic moments. But in all this sad times I had my familly and my friends around. I am thankful and full of joy reagarding the fact that people cared about me and all the problems were solved this year.  I am graceful for all the awesome moments in 20011. Starting a blog, seeing good friends, K. moved to Leipzig, I got in contact with new people, having nice flatmates and a cosy flat, my family, the WGT, new music, the opera etc.. 

So I am looking forward to 2012. Maybe I make some travels (Finland and France), a good friend will marry a very good guy, I will graduate and maybe have to face new challenges regarding my further lifestyle. I am looking forward to spending time with all this awesome people I was allowed to spent time with, last year. 

What are you going to do in 2012? Have you planned to reach a special goal? Are there things you want to happen in the new year?

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