Montag, 23. Januar 2012

Gender and food

Hallo dear readers,

Some of you may know from some of the older posts, that I had an internship at a social cultural assosciation and center in Leipzig.  Frauenkultur
Their main focus is on women and gender issues. From concerts over exhibitions  and promotion of female and young scientist to workshops and courses of all kind, free for interessted people from 0-99 years they have a big shedule. Furtehrmore they promote female artists, teens and girls. That means they can give you the chance to participate with a project. So they give me a chance and I was working on a mini project. They really supported me, I can use the rooms and technic of the centrum, they pressed flyers and posters and helped me to get some material. I am very thankful for that opportunity.
  This week I am giving my first own little event.  I give an introduction to the discussion about the so called ''genderfood'' issue.

I try to answer some of the following questions and  I will introduce generally into the discussion for people who didn't were really aware that the gender issue is bound very close to the food and body issues but want to know more about that.
What is genderfood? Why do scientists (from biology to social sciences) making researches about that theme? How can we explain different preferences between the sexes and specific foodtaboos related to gender? How does the construction of gender influence our behaviour and preferences when it comes to nutrition? Have our sexes really something to do with different preferences ?
How reveals, reproduces and creates the media and the advertising industry cliches of a gendered food?

So wish me luck, dear readers. Is somebody interested and will attend the event?

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