Sonntag, 14. Oktober 2012

I know, I know

Dear readers,

I haven`t blogged for  a while. Because nothing really exiting is happening in the moment (which is a good thing for me, who gone throug a lot of stress this summer). As some of you may know I have submitted my bachelor thesis and I passed (first academic degree, jai). I also got the chance to make my master. The only thing is, I changed the subject. To be a masterstudent has a lot of advantages. My courses starting a week later than the courses of the bachelors, to choose the courses was sooooo easy and we are just a few students. So I had a lot of time to chill and search jobs the last weeks. Nevertheless I DID somethings but only boring things like strolling around and visiting parks and a flea market. But wait... I did something interessting. I visited the new exhibition in the Leipzig Art museeum. It shows famous pieces of pop art and photos of stars from the 50`s till the 90`s. I didn`t have photos because it wasn`t allowed to shoot some. The exhibition is called ''Leben mit Pop'' and ''A Star is born''.

Flea market Karl -Heine- Straße

Policeman NOT doing his job. ;) He was very into shopping at this shelter.

In the garden

Tasty salad with tomatos from the garden of my parents, they were so sweet and tasty

Pumpkin pizza

After she tried some of the rotten (bit alcoholic) fallen apples, tihi

Collecting apples at the beginning of autum is awesome


Me in the T shirt, my sister gave me as a present and in the cool warm old jacket from my good friend, this isn`t my beer bottle

Streetart in Leipzig

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