Sonntag, 18. November 2012

Yummy, yummy

Long time, no see

I haven`t blogged for a while because the courses have started and I am very motivated this semester. Therefor I am working a lot. But now I have some news for you. I attended a theater group, ''Uschis Erben''. We are trying to participate in ''Impro''. It`s alot of fun and the other group members are very funny, friendly and creative. It`s a total win. Maybe we will perform in public next spring.
Next thing exiting is that I will start to work in december. Its only the december but Iam very exited.

Some of you may know, that I am almost broke, since I had problems to apply for my study credits. Therefore I was searching a job since August to bridge the time until I get the credit. I didn`t find a job. So I haven`t done  alot of  things like  going out or testing restaurants.
But I baked some cakes and I tested a new buffet in october. I will post hte recipies for the tasty cakes soon.

But first I will give you a short review to: Mongolian Buffet (wich opend in october in my neighbourhood)

The name says all: it is a pure buffet with a lot of mongolian and asian specialyties. You have a great range of main dishes and trimmings, a salat buffet a sushi buffet and a dessert buffet. In addition they offer  raw vegetables, mushrooms and meat (pork, chicken, kangaroo, different kinds of fish and red meat). When you have decided what you want, the raw ingridients will be shimmerd live on a mongolian barbecue. That is very tasty. Very, very, tasty and very fresh.
You have to pay one price for the whole evening and you can eat what and how much you want.
I also appriceated the beautiful decoration and the light concept but have a look on yourself:

 Isn`t that cute and pretty??????

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  1. Hmmm... Das Buffet klingt köslich. Und die Lampen sind echt schick - sehr originell!

    Liebe Grüße