Montag, 22. Oktober 2012

Stadtspaziergang mit Parkbogen Ost/ City Walk with Parkbogen Ost


this weekend I went to a city walk which was organised by the projekt Parkbogen Ost. The organisation has a vison how the east of Leipzig could be planned and renewed the next years. As you already should know from my blog, the east of Leipzig has a lot of parks and fallows. Parkbogen Ost suggests a plan which is meant to create a more pedestrian- and bike- friendly urban space. The plan is to provide an uninterrupted tour throug the east of Leipzig while connecting the parks in the citys east.

They also make city walks throug some of the stations in the east to show the citizens where and how the Parkbogen could be build. Saturday, they guided us throug a fallow space behind the main station, where a big american investor plans to build flathouses a school and to provide a bit public space. There, we also could visit parts of the construction side of City tunnel Leipzig. (english version)  In the past that space was possesion of the Deutsche Bahn, as the reforms of the german public financial sector kicked in they had to sell it to private investors or reinvest and reuse the fallow. The DB decided to sell it. The Parkbogen Ost is interested in reorganise that urban noland to a public space because it is one of the rare places in the innercity where people could have access to the riverside of the recently saved river Parthe . (english version) 

The pretty back of our beloved head station (exept the terrible cars, bah cars)

relicts of former efforts to make that noland to a public space

Industrieromantik im Herbst

Construction side city tunnel Leipzig

My accompainions were the men in black. LOL

Beautiful rotten house at the riverside

The dancing dead. That was officially applied by an artist as part of a festival.

We had to ''jump'' over the Parthe

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