Montag, 19. Dezember 2011

Christmas Season in Leipzig/ Leipzig favourites

I love, love, love this town. Even in dark and cold winternights I feel cosy, welcome and pleased in thid town.

On one hand, I have great friends here. It is allowed to me to spend my time and to share my flat and my live with great persons. I am thankful for being with boys and girls with awesome and interesting personalitys and big hearts.

On the other hand, christmasdecorations are the best here in Leipzig.

Then we have christmas markets here in Leipzig. A traditional and huge one and a more 'alternative' and cute one.

Leipzig favourite

The second christmasmarket is locatet in WerkII in Leipzig Connewitz. You find a lot of arts and crafts, selfmade clothes and jewelery, toys, biofood, designproducts and a lot of very interesting graphic fabrications (paper, papertoys, comicbooks, graphics, calenders). Furthermore you have a lot of barns where the social and subcultural associations organize 'Donationgifts'. They offer secondhand books, toys and jewelery and you can give them a free choosen amount of money for the things you want.

 My 'harvest'

Büchergilde Gutenberg

Absolventen der HGB Leipzig

Best Calenderposter ever from Büchergilde Gutenberg

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