Montag, 19. Dezember 2011

News before the hollydays

Oh hai,

I hope you still read me thoug I've scared you away with my blog-break.

This is a post about a few things, which I've done in the last weeks.

Two weeks ago I had a little christmas party. My friends and I backed these yummy cookies and afterwards we enjoyed the christmas market.

 Then was ''Nikolaustag'' its a little cute tradition in Germany. At the evening of 5.december people clean their shoes. In the nigth Nikolaus comes and puts sweets in the clean shoes but cole in the dirty shoes (so better watch out that your shoes are clean ;)) Its traditional to put nuts, cookies, tangerines, apples and chocolate figurines (Schokonikolaus) in the shoes.
 Me with my new glasses. I look intelligent, dosen't I ?
 Advent is a time to tinker and do handicraft for me so I made a makeover of my Marimekko bag. The blue gemstones make her look very girlysh. But they can be easily removed.

I also wrapped the christmas gifts. Here`s a selection. I love the paisley paper.

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