Sonntag, 2. März 2014

Here I am again

Its been a long time since I posted on this blog, due to a thight  schedule and bad ligth I didn't really do much photos or fun things worthy writing about. But now its getting slightly brighter from day to day and I will have friends over.
 I just recently had my good friend from Germany over and we did a lot of fun and chilly stuff. She came just at the right time for the big Celebration of the Estonian Nation. It was very weird and fascinating to be part of the long and crowded procession to Toompea Castle( Estonian Parliamnet) in the rising sun very early in the morning. Blue, black and white flags all over the city and in the hands of everybody. Everyone was so solemny and serene. We celebrated Independence day with a walk at the beach :)

Reception on Toompea

 We were at the Jägala Falls near Tallinn also. The Tourism Lady in Tallinn told us, that it is very hard to get there with public transport and that there is not much to see but thats not true! Estonia has a lot of falls and Jägala is one of the biggest. Its fundament is limestone and the water erodes it every year for 5 cm. Its pretty amazing and really not that hard to go to with bus. In the little village near the falls one can also visit the oldest church of Estonia and one of the oldest parsons houses. So Tourism Lady, you didn't do a good job!

We also went ice skating in Tallinn Old Town wich was so fun. I also got to finally visit the New Russian Orthodox Church in Lasnamäe! And plus to this: FOOD! So much delicious food!
Ice skating after 10 years requires some support. ;)

Cake in Komeet

So Much FUN! (and my new moomin gloves <3)

Eventually I did well without the braces

Thanks to my friend for some of the pictures!!! Thank you!

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