Donnerstag, 28. November 2013

A new space arises in this world

The last weekend I was in Vilnijus. I went there with some friends by car. That was fun! Nine hours in Baltic Dark Nights with completly unlit interstates! But seriously it was fun and renting a car was much cheaper than taking the bus. It is a beautiful place with it's cute tiny bridges, incredibly pretty city with a lot of squares and churches. People are the most friendly I' ve met so far in the Balticum and also the most hip and attractive ones!!!!! Lithuanians are sooo pretty! We stayed in Uzupio which is an artists enclave and has even its own constitution. Google it! Viva Respublikas Uzupio!!!!

Unfortunatly it was very dark and rainy so I didn't took much photos!
Here are the few, which aren't total crap.

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