Montag, 3. Juni 2013

Why does it always rain on me?

Regarding the news about the floods in the south and here in the east of germany you may be a bit concernd on how I may survive in saxony. Especially when you consider that I am not far away from poor Grimma and Leipzig is sorrounded by rivers and canals. But we are still doing good here, despite the fact that constant gloomy skies, a humid and cold weather and continuing rain (sh*t loads of rain since a week and a half) make almost everyone gloomy and grumpy and with no motivation to go outside to make anything more than the mere urgent basics of urban life keeping (making the grocery, going to university and work)
Nevertheless, yesterday something had to change and I made an urban explorer tour on one of the most rainy days this summer so far. It was good to be in motion and to catch up some fresh air but let me say this: There is no such horror like having soaking wet shoes and therefore wet feet and being soaked in rain. NOT AMUSING. But "enough with bragging" I hear you cry. SO I present you the photos of the gorgeous Sternburg Brewery.

Oh the irony

Sternburgbier, das lob ich mir

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