Donnerstag, 13. Juni 2013

I am damn lucky

Dear readers,

Yesterday, on one of the most stunning summer days in the past weeks, something drastic happend to me. I was going by bike when suddendly my bike chain stopped to work, which led to: me flying throug the air hiting the ground with face first. The result: a broken and fleshed (but it`s sewed now) nose, many grazes, broken glasses and a huge shock.
Fortunately I wasn`t alone and there was a very brave and kind driver who called the ambulance and waited with me and my friend until the ambulance arrived. I am sending you hearts driver.

So nothing dramatic really happend, Iam still able to see, hear, walk and all my limbs and internal organs a perfectly fine. I don`t even have a concussion.
I also want to add, that everything was fine in the hospital too. I really felt save and in proficient care. The ambulance personell, the doctors and nurses were all very nice, calm and professional.

So all in all I conclude that I am a very lucky girl and I am grateful that nothing worse happend.

So I am hoping to go from this.....

back to this very soon.

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  1. boa...
    dich darf man auch nicht aus den augen lassen, oder? o.o
    ich hoffe doch das verheilt alles wieder ordentlich!
    das sieht ja schon echt schlimm aus o.o