Samstag, 18. August 2012

Filled flatbread

Today I post a food post....again. It`s so amazing to have freetime to let the soul fly and enjoying time with friends while eating incredible tasty stuff. (ok, since I am back in LE, I am rolling around like crazy, because I try to find a job and I am a Master student now, which means: preparation)

So today I recommend the tasty, tasty filled flatbread.


rocket salad
sliced tomatos
one sliced onion
one chopped clove of garlic
olive oil
grated parmesan
sliced mozarella
sliced feta cheese

How to make it:

Cut the bread in halfs. Place one of a sheet. Spill oil on them. Cover with washed rocket salad, tomatos, onion and garlic. While you grate and slice the cheese you can preheat the oven. I have an electric oven with top and bottom heat and I heat it on 220 °C.

Sorry for the bad quality

 Add the grated parmesan. The parmesan will assure you a fine taste and a stick the halfs together.

Add the sliced mozarella cheese. It`s just tasty.

Add the sliced feta cheese. Slice it as thin as possible, because its intensive taste has to be well dosed.

Now it should look like this. 

 Spice it with a littlebit salt and pepper. Cover it up with the second half of the oily bread and take it into the oven. As I said in the beginning, I usually preheat my electric oven by 220 °C. I bake the flat bread for 15 minutes. Make sure to check it up. It shouldn`t look too brown in the end.

I added some sesame.

Tasty with olives.


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