Donnerstag, 9. August 2012

Classical potato salad

Dear readers one of my favourite meals ever ist a fresh handmade potato salad. I like the suebe variant with oil,onions, vinegar and dill as well as the classic salad with a cream sauce. It`s important that it`s fresh and handmade, so I learned how to make one. And what can I say? It`s one of the most delicious dishes I am able to create. My bf and my roomates, even my parents, go crazy for it.

You need:

- two small or one big potato per person
- two pickeld mini cucumbers (cornichons) per person
- one big onion
- one sweet apple
- two small or one big egg
- a half or a full can of sour creme
- remoulade
- spices

Cook the potatoes, I like to make jacket potatoes (Pellkartoffeln)
Skin them, slice them, put them in a huge bowl
Slice the cucumbers, chop the apples and  add both to the potatoes
Cook the egg, skin it and add chopped egg

The cream Sauce:

Skin and chop the onion as fine as possible
Mix the sour creme with one to three spoons of the pickle sauce from the pickeld cucumber and add the onion
One to three spoons of remoulade will make the sauce creamy
Taste with spices like pepper, salt and sweet paprika

Mix the sauce with the salad


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