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How to eat and cook an Artichok

I am afraid, some of you may be bored because of the endless Lyon posts, but I stay at the countryside at the moment. I am sure you are not very interessted in pics of cats, goats, horses and dogs, aren`t you? ;P.
So I rather give you a recipe for a typical french food. Artichok with eggs and vinaigrette.

tasty meal

 The artichok: Cook the whole fruit  half coverd with water until you can easily remove the lower leaves. Usually it takes 15 min to cook them.  You can eat the single leaves. Just bite the white and soft part of the leave. You can add eggs.
Cook the eggs for 3,5 min.
The vinaigrette: 2 -3 spoons of creme fraiche, 1-2 spoons olive-oil, 1 spoon mustard, 1 spoon honey, a pitch of salt - if you like you can ad a teaspoon aceto balsamico
The vinaigrette for the eggs: 1 teaspoon olive oil, 1- 2 teaspoon lemonjuice (of a fresh lemon), pepper & salt a pitch of sugar

Baguette suits the whole meal very well.

Bon Appetit my friends

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