Montag, 19. März 2012


As you know I was in Lyon to see a good friend. It was the perfect vacation. It was warm (almost 23°) and sunny, we had good food, long conversation, partytime and a lot of relaxing. We also had a shopping day. We went to a second hand market and I found the perfect blazer for me and jewellery and a skirt. The incom is spend to organisations who help homless people. In another shop I found a lovely silk neckerchief and we bought little headpieces shaped like crabbes (super kawaii). If you want to see my shopping haul let me know.
 In this post I will show you just some impressions about my vacation.
I really loved it there, especially the food. One day we went to a traditional restaurant lyonnaise, they are called "bouchon". We had one of the most tasty menues I had for a long time. Fois Gras-lentil pastry with salad, mashed potatoes with deer and vegetables and cherry tarte and tarte au chocolat. Furthermore you get a bottle of wine and an espresso.
I also liked all the little backery things, like maccarones (<3), croissant, brioche, eclair ect.

So what where your best holidays ever? What is important for you when youhave vacations?

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