Sonntag, 27. November 2011

Advent, Advent

A warm and delightful welcome.

I hope you enjoy christmas season as much as I do. Baking cookies, enlight candels and decorate the rooms with selfmade stars, bows and a lot of glitter.

What do you enjoy the most in christmas season?

 The making of: Vanillekipferl (german cookies with vanillery taste and almonds, sooooooooo yummy)

 Thats how they looked after they were baked. A lot of powderd suger.
 In the oven.

My glammy, glitter 'Adventskranz'. (1. Advent you enlight 1 candle, 2. Advent you  enlight 2 candles, 3. Advent 3 candles and then on christmas you have 4 lights which glow in your nights)

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