Dienstag, 15. November 2011


November has tied me to an old dead tree. Get word to April                                
to rescue me. November's cold chain made of wet boots and rain and shiny black ravens on chimney smoke lanes. November seems odd you're my firing squad November
Tom Waits

So finally, November has reached Leipzig. Its cold, foggy and grey.

Plus, I am sick again. Enough reasons to make it warm and cosy inside or to decorate the room.

So I drank a delicious tea (I used my new favourite cup) did some paperwork and doing some research according to my plans to buy an indoor plant. Which plants do you favour? Do you have any tips? Please no Aloe Vera or Cactus...
 So the new look of my desk. I found it necessary to bring more colour in my home since November became such an foggy and grey month.
 Close up
 Close up

The new cup. Cute owl  and lovely polkadots. <3

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