Donnerstag, 19. September 2013

Visits are good!

This week I had my friend Paul over and it was really fun! Because of him I finally have some pictures of ME IN ESTONIA. The first pictures are his courtesey. We did a lot of typical things, going to the Balti Jaam Turgu (popular as "Russian market") visiting museums and parks and lingered around the city.
You can get literally everything at Balti Jaam Turgu.

Ocupations Museum

Kadriorg Castle and Museum

The Kadriorg area has a big park and within lies the Kadriorg castle wich was initially build as a "weekend house" for the russian royal family. As history went on it was the "home" of a lot of different people. Estonian primeministers as well as occupators. Now it is the museum for " old Art" and a place were girls (and women) can become princesses.


This is at the beach near Kadriorg and I think the monument honors the russian sea military.

The other day we went to the KGB museum in the Viru Hotel. One of those hotels wich were build during sovjet times and had a secret service etage and a lot of spying technic in it. Since two years visitors are alowed to come and watch the former secret KGB chambers, which were abandoned completly in the rise of the new times which lead to the independence of Estonia.

Hahahahahaha! But do you notice the failure in it?

Aia and Uus tänav streetart.

Fall is coming
The next pictures are from me.

The Flower street near between viru and old town


There is nothing better than a sunny afternoon at Linahall with some sweets and tea. Fortunatley, you can get a lot of estonian and russian, lithuanian or ukrainian sweets at the Balti Jaam Turgu.

Me in the estonian tricolore! :D

My university <3

The new university building
The following are again from Kadriorg and the Kadriorg beach.

Little Merman


  1. Das sind wirklich schöne Bilder.
    Bist du auch zur Prinzessin geworden? ;)