Mittwoch, 7. August 2013

Mina olen Tallinnas

Hey there,

So my year in Tallinn finally started. It was a long wait and now is the moment I have to dive in my new life abroad. I am very tired and I won`t write much since I am just arrived at Tallinn. I`ve found a great shared flat near the old town, with very adorable estonian roommates and everything important available (like supermarkets and public transport, which I will seldom really need because I just have to walk 10 minutes to everything)
I 've found the flat by posting a request at the Facebook Erasmus group, because it is hard to find a good offer via the real estate firms here.
I highly enjoyed the last days with my energetic and funny language teacher Vilma and all my international classmates.
 So now I just give you some first impressions of beautyfull Tallinn.

 First evening at linnahall

At the Estonian Art Academy /Eestii Kunstiakadeemia (EKA)


Laula Päevmaa/ Singing Ground

Pirita Rand / Pirita Beach

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