Freitag, 16. August 2013


I already found some pros and cons of beautiful Tallinn:

Pro: Seagulls flying permanently screaming around your head, sourrounded by nothing than gorgeous clouds and blue sky, reminding you of beeing near the coast

Con: Seagulls and Pigeons who aren`t afraid of nothing. Even of eating the dead bodies of fellow birds or attaking you or certain parts of your body.

Pro: You can find ALL the things in the supermarkets here.

Con: You can spend ALL your money on the things in the supermarket.

Pro: Beautiful Clouds.

Con: Unpredictable rain.
So we went to Hapsaalu and to the Estonian Open Air Museum. We had to win some challenges.

Old Monastery near Hapsaalu

In the Open Air Museum

The boys taking the challenge

Now we girls are in charge

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