Freitag, 23. August 2013


Hey there,

my course is comming to an end today and next week the university will start here. So today we have our presentation. It will be a little play in estonian language and I hope our teacher will enjoy that.
Yesterday I had some friends over and after dinner we walked to old town and joined an artist group who makes music, acrobatic and fire shows in the streets. One of my beautiful class mates joines them every evening to make music with them.

The national holiday on tuesday, we celebrated by having a bicycle tour to Paljassaare and Kopli.

 Vilma our teacher, brought us some tea and something to eat every day. She is so nice and sweet.

 Kino Sorprus. We watched "Searching for Sugarman", which was a very beautiful and intresting film about a really unbelivebale but true story. Stunning.

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 Fire show.

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