Sonntag, 26. Februar 2012

Sultans of spring ;)

Flowers from my <3 BoyFriend<3

 I am in a bad mood the last days, because I have hyperstress with homework for 2 of my courses. But, I my bf tries to cheer me up with motivational conversations, flowers and promenades throug the prespring.



Russian Orthodox Church

 For all of you, who can feel the spring allready or are in a bad mood upploaded with stress here a collection of happy-go-lucky-springish-musicvideos:

Dire Straits/ Sultans of Swing

Nerina Pallot/ Turn me on again

Air/ So light is her footfall
       Cherry Blossom Girl

Fine Frenzy/ Blow Away

Bosse/ Sommer ist noch lang

Clock Opera/ Once and for all

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